Felony Charges Filed March 4, 2013

Published on March 5, 2013

Teresa Greenlee: Possession of a Schedule III Controlled Substance-Class D Felony
Jason Heilman: 
Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated-Class C Misdemeanor Enhanced to D Felony
David Smith: 
Dealing in Marijuana-Class D Felony; Possession of Marijuana-Class D Felony
Donald Hutchinson: 
Arson-Class B Felony; Arson-Class B Felony; Arson-Class B Felony; Arson –Class D Felony
Jahmarr Prince: 
Battery Resulting in Bodily Injury-Class D Felony; Disorderly Conduct-Class B Misdemeanor; Disorderly Conduct-Class B Misdemeanor

Under Indiana law, all criminal defendants are considered to be innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. Sentence Chart Murder: 45-65 Years Class A Felony: 20-50 Years Class B Felony: 6-20 Years Class C Felony: 2-8 Years Class D Felony: 1/2-3 Years Class A Misdemeanor: 0-1 Year Class B Misdemeanor: 0-180 Days Class C Misdemeanor: 0-60 Days

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