Felony Charges Filed October 26, 2011

Published on October 27, 2011

  • Joshua Goldy: Criminal Confinement – Class C Felony; Strangulation – Class D Felony; Intimidation – Class D Felony; Battery Resulting in Bodily Injury – Class A Misdemeanor 
  • Robert Prow: Dealing in Methamphetamine – Class B Felony 
  • Chris Rayborn: Dealing in Methamphetamine – Class B Felony
  • Finas Wilder: Intimidation – Class D Felony (Habitual Offender Enhancement); Intimidation – Class A Misdemeanor (Habitual Offender Enhancement); Criminal Trespass – Class D Felony

Under Indiana law, all criminal defendants are considered to be innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.

Sentence Chart
Murder: 45-65 years
Class A Felony: 20-50 Years
Class B Felony: 6-20 Years
Class C Felony: 2-8 Years
Class D Felony: 1/2-3 Years
Class A Misdemeanor: 0-1 Year
Class B Misdemeanor: 0-180 Days
Class C Misdemeanor: 0-60 Days

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