Child Support

Child Support services are available to anyone with legal custody of the minor child(ren), regardless of socioeconomic level. The Child Support Division can establish paternity for children born out of wedlock, establish a support order and health insurance order for children whose parents are separated where a child support does not exist, and enforce and modify existing support orders.

Despite having a limited staff and almost 12,000 open child support cases in Vanderburgh County, the Child Support Division has been successful in enforcing and collecting child support. This office is prohibited under state and federal regulations from becoming involved in custody and visitation issues. You must contact a private attorney for those issues.

Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann and Sage 4 Solutions have created a new partnership to blend intensive case management services with smartphone technology to assist absent parents and benefit the children that depend on them.  For more information on the new program, click the link here.

To watch the video, click below:

Sage 4 Solutions teams up with Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office