Pre-Trial Diversion Program

The Pre-Trial Diversion Program offers first time offenders a rare opportunity to have their charges dismissed if they successfully meet program requirements.

Who qualifies? Anyone under 18 years of age who is charged with one of the following charges: aggressive driving, failure to stop after an accident, reckless driving, or speed contest. Also, anyone 18 years of age or older who has been charged with any of the following charges: conversion, battery, trespassing, check deception, criminal mischief, telephone harassment, intimidation, possession of false ID, false reporting, invasion of privacy, patronizing a prostitute, public intoxication, visiting a common nuisance, failure to stop after an accident, and any other charge elected by the prosecutor.

What are the general program requirements? Paying a $170.00 program users fee, doing community service, reimbursing the victim of the crime for which they have been charged for damages or medical expenses, reporting to the director monthly, and in some cases counseling sessions must be attended.

The community service agencies are referred by the United Way. There are approximately 18 agencies that our clients choose from and most have flexible hours. We do not require clients to miss work or school. Community service hours are done on their own schedule. Overall, the community service requirement has proven to be very successful for the program and the clients. We have actually had clients hired at the agency where their community service was performed. In addition, some clients have continued to volunteer at the agency even after the required community service hours have been completed. We frequently receive letters acknowledging how well our clients have served and benefited the agency.

Unfortunately, everyone does not complete the requirements by failing to keep monthly contact, not completing community service, not attending counseling, or by being charged with another offense. If this should happen, that individual would be terminated and their case would be brought back up before the court for the initial hearing.

For a copy of the Pre-Trial Diversion Program Agreement click here (pdf). Any further questions should be directed to 435-5336, Candra Loehrlein; Director, Pre-Trial Diversion.