The Vanderburgh County Judicial System is an organization of the Offices in Title 33 of the Indiana Code and consists of the Circuit Court, Superior Court, Clerk of Court, Prosecutor’s Office and the Public Defender.

In 1851 the Indiana Constitution granted the Indiana General Assembly the power to create Circuit Courts. It was at that time Indiana was divided into circuits based on county lines. The boundaries of Indiana’s First Judicial Circuit are the same as the boundaries of Vanderburgh County. The First Judicial Circuit Court is commonly known as the Vanderburgh Circuit Court. Circuit courts have unlimited trial jurisdiction, except when exclusive or concurrent (shared) jurisdiction is conferred upon other courts.

As local needs grew and more trial courts became necessary, the Indiana General Assembly created additional courts called superior courts. The Vanderburgh Superior Court has seven (7) elected Judges and five (5) Magistrates who are appointed by the elected Judges. The Court has exclusive juvenile jurisdiction and all matters pertaining to the probate and settlement of estates, trusts, guardianships and wills. Additionally, the Court has a standard small claims and misdemeanor division.

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