Community In Pain

Community In Pain

A partnership project between Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann and Eyewitness News WEHT called “Community in Pain” kicked off in November of 2017.

The project featured an addiction phone bank staffed with experts in substance abuse treatment, and different stories which detail the disease of addiction.

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First On Scene: Week 1

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“We’ve found them in bedrooms, we found them in playgrounds,” said Officer Juncker. “A friend of mine who I grew up with and played sports with, we were sent to an overdose run on him and he was a great athlete, great kid. It doesn’t discriminate.”

“We have a narcotics epidemic. We have a heroin epidemic,” said Lt. Monty Guenin.

Live Interview with Brad Byrd and Prosecutor Nick Hermann

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There are so many stories of opioid overdose leading to death this past year. That has prompted Eyewitness News to begin a new initiative called “A Community in Pain” where we look for some answers and solutions to this huge problem. We are partnering with several agencies to find those solutions. Eyewitness News’ Brad Byrd was live at the Vanderburgh County Central Dispatch 9-1-1 Call Center on Wednesday to speak with Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nicholas Hermann.

Nick Hermann, Sheriff Dave Wedding discuss ongoing opioid crisis

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A growing opioid epidemic surrounds the Tri-State area. On Wednesday, Eyewitness News brought the first special initiative “A Community in Pain.”

Week 2: A Community in Pain: Struggling with Addiction

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Evansville native Anthony Burris is serving a nine-year prison sentence at the Branchville Correctional Facility in Perry County. That’s on top of the 17 years he’s already spent locked up for various offenses. At 39, Burris said he made a promise to himself – the last time he got out of jail – to become a better person. He broke that promise just days later when a trip to the gas station for a pack of cigarettes led to a chance meeting with old friends and an old addiction.

Brad Byrd In-Depth: Tony Metcalf, Prosecutor Nick Hermann talk imprisoned opioid addicts

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Brad Byrd talks with Tony Metcalf of the organization Churches Embracing Offenders and Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann about helping inmates who suffer from opioid addiction.

Week 3: A Community in Pain: Dealer to Healer

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Opioids are a problem nationwide, and right here in the Tri-State, many know how opioids can ruin lives.

From selling almost every drug in the book and going to jail for it, an Evansville woman knows all too well what can happen…but she went from a dealer to healer.

In-Depth: Nick Hermann & Donna Lily talk opioid crisis

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Eyewitness News continues its special initiative “A Community in Pain” on Wednesday. We’re partnering with the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office and the Mayor’s Substance Abuse Task Force to address the ongoing opioid crisis in the Tri-State area.

Wednesday’s focus turns to people trying to recover from opioid addiction and the many programs that are there to help them.

Brad Byrd talks with Donna Lilly who is a licensed clinical social worker with Deaconess Hospital and Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann about helping people over opioid addiction.

A Community in Pain: woman’s pain prescription leads to opioid addiciton

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Have you ever been prescribed pain medication by your doctor? Pills are often prescribed to fight arthritis, a broken bone, and other difficult medical issues with a long healing process.

Recovering addict Whitney Herron told us that withdrawals are the worst thing she’s ever experienced in life.

Like many, Whitney’s relationship with opioids started with a prescription from her doctor after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Shortly after that, her mother died from cancer – causing even more pain in her life.

A Community in Pain: church program helped man battle addiction

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For one Tri-State man, it’s been a tough road. His journey into big trouble started when he was a young boy.

Former drug addict Gary Price said, “I found out that I couldn’t trust myself so I had to learn through trial and hardship that I can trust God.”

Gary Price’s journey with drugs began and ended on the streets of Evansville.

A Community in Pain: Mellody Arrieta interview

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The opioid epidemic affects all aspects of society. Our initiative “A Community in Pain” is looking for answers to those problems. Brad Byrd was joined by Mellody Arrieta and Vanderburgh Co. Prosecutor Nicholas Hermann last week.

Week 4: A Community in Pain: Seven Sisters

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On Wednesday, we took a closer look at the pain of not only those suffering from addiction but the pain shared by their families.

A group called Seven Sisters is made up of seven local women who have lost loved ones to drug addiction.

Kourtney Fields’ drug addiction began at age 21. He struggled with dependence to opioids for years. His family, including his sister Ally Fields, tried to intervene. But their help couldn’t match the powerful grip of opioid addiction.

Brad Byrd In-Depth: Steve Lockyear, Nick Hermann talk opioid deaths

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Eyewitness News continued it’s special initiative on Wednesday called “A Community in Pain.” We’re teaming with the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office and the Mayor’s Substance Abuse Task Force to address the ongoing opioid crisis in the Tri-State area.

The focus on Wednesday is on where several opioid addiction cases tragically come to an end, and that is the county morgue.

Brad Byrd talks with Vanderburgh County Coroner Steve Lockyear and Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann about the rise in opioid addiction deaths.

New opioid treatment facility to open for pregnant mothers

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Four months ago, Lindsey found out she was pregnant and that began to change her life. She was an opioid addict and immediately began looking for help, not only for herself but also for her unborn child.

“A lot of places say they can’t medically detox you while you’re pregnant because they can’t monitor the baby, so there’s no one to help. So, I got turned down at a lot of places,” said Lindsey.

But Lindsey didn’t let that stop her.  She decided to face her addiction alone, battling the demons head on.

Mother winning battle against opioids speaks with Brad Byrd

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The Eyewitness News initiative “A Community in Pain” continued on Wednesday. On Eyewitness News at 4, Brad Byrd spoke with a woman winning her battle against opioids.

Vanderburgh Co. Prosecutor Nick Hermann on new resource for addicted pregnant women

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Wednesday night, Eyewitness News continued our “A Community in Pain” initiative in partnership with the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office and the Mayor’s Substance Abuse Task Force. The initiative is aimed at addressing the opioid crisis in the Tri-State. Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann spoke with Brad Byrd on the crisis.

List of resources for addiction treatment in the Evansville area: