Cybersafe Parent

As a parent, it can be a daunting task to navigate the ever-changing and expanding online technology landscape. Keeping up with the latest popular apps, trends, and gadgets can be overwhelming. With all of today’s various tech devices, the world is at the tap of a screen or the push of a button 24/7 and our kids often have it as their primary form of entertainment and communication.

They can access a variety of content and communicate with people around the globe all with a device that fits in the palm of their hands. But with these new technologies comes new concerns and parents need to know about them. From online predators to cyberbullying and the ability to send graphic photos to hundreds of people, there are some dangerous viral trends out there. Do you and/or your children need help understanding all that’s in the cyber world? Cybersafe Parent is here to help.

Cybersafe Parent: Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann live interview

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Cybersafe Parent: It’s 7pm…Do you know where your kids are on-line?

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Cybersafe Parent: Evansville Police Det. Bryan Brown interview




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Cybersafe Parent: Vanderburgh Co. Sheriff Lt. Matt Hill live interview

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