Adult Protective Services

In 1985, Adult Protective Services (APS) units were established throughout Indiana to investigate reports of abuse, neglect or exploitation and to assist in obtaining services for endangered adults. An “endangered adult” is defined by Indiana statute as any individual over 18 years of age who is incapable by reason of mental infirmity or other incapacity of either caring for themselves or managing their property, or have been harmed or threatened with harm as a result of neglect, battery, or exploitation.

The abuse, exploitation and neglect of the elderly is a disgrace. As our population continues to age, abuse of the elderly has become a national epidemic. Ironically, the abuser is often a family member who takes on the responsibility of care with the best of intentions but loses control due to the inevitable financial and emotional stress of the situation.

All senior citizens, caretakers, and children who have aging parents must be aware of the help that is available as well as the options they have.

Abuse of the elderly cannot be considered someone else’s problem. By “minding our own business,” the elderly will continue to suffer. We must all play a part. Growing old should not mean that we will become victims of abuse. Please report elder abuse. The Elder Abuse Hotline is: 1-800-992-6978.

Abuse and neglect seldom happen overnight; they happens over time. Unless we take the time to notice, it will continue. Unless we take the time to get involved, it will get worse.

Please do not hesitate to call us. Our office stands ready to assist you in any way, whether it be answering a question, investigating a potentially abused relative, friend or neighbor, or assisting you, should you become a victim.

The Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office APS Unit serves Vanderburgh, Perry, Spencer, Warrick, Posey, and Gibson counties. The unit is headed by Linda Kincheloe and has two investigators and a secretary. They can be reached at 812-435-5190.