Links to More Information

Drug Enforcement Administration Fast Fact Sheet about Meth: Little known facts about meth use and production.

The Anti Drug: Tips for parents, from experts about how to help your kids stay away from drugs.

Treatment Centers: A list of treatment centers with-in 100 miles of Vanderburgh County. Substance Abuse and Mental health Services Administration – U.S. Department of Health and Human Services also has a nationwide list of treatment facilities. A not-for-profit organization that helps parents prevent, interviene in and find treatment for drug and alchohol use by their children.

Indiana’s Meth Law: Brief history of Indiana’s meth law as well as a link to the read the law in it’s entirety.

Meth Education & Prevention
Prosecutor Nick Hermann has launched a methamphetamine education and prevention campaign. Click here to view the first of several public service announcements.