Programs & Services

The Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office maintains several divisions that provide services and assistance to the general public.

The Victim Assistance Division is designed to aid persons who have been victims of crime. The office provides a full range of services to persons of all types of crimes ranging from common thefts to families who are struggling with a homicide.

The office has also established a Traffic Infraction Deferral Program to assist persons with clean driving records in deferring their traffic tickets. This allows drivers the ability to maintain a clean driving record.

The Bad Check Restitution Program assists victims of check deception and also hold bad check writers accountable.

The Pre-Trial Diversion Program is intended for those persons who have little or no criminal background and who are charged with committing various misdemeanor offenses. It has been established by the Prosecutor’s Office to allow qualified offenders who comply with certain terms and conditions to earn a reduction in their charges or a dismissal of their criminal cases.